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5 Factors that Emphasize the Significance of Cursive Writing Fonts

Can you memorize the day when you managed to learn cursive? You certainly are well aware of that time. It was a great day that made you realize what more can you do with this beautiful handwriting, isn’t it? This is the day that made you acquainted with the fact that block type is not the only option for you. Cursive writing fonts holds the ability to make you feel artistic and extremely personal.

Studies have revealed that penning down the letters, in contrast to watching them on a screen, is linked to some of the more developed brain functions. Using handwriting fonts actually is a wonderful way to edify kids about the accurate letter formations and later in forming sentences.  So, we feel that each one us must be given the opportunity to learn cursive. Here is why:

  1. Cursive is not a Lost Art Yet

Do you really think so? It certainly is considered to be an art. It’s not yet the lost art. The moment you pick up writing in cursive, you feel motivated and end up accepting your creative side. We can say that it is a technique of penning down that brings the adjoining letters together thereby, accumulating a few curves and slopes alongside adding grandeur to your write-ups.

  1. Cursive came from the Ancient Times

We all are well aware of the fact that the cursive writing was invented in the olden times. It was a realistic structure that came from the practice of using hedgehogs as the writing tools. Penning down in cursive made the use of hedgehogs simpler and writing organized. Cursive was followed in India, Western Europe and Greece.

  1. Cursive is quicker than the Print

The biggest reason that accounts for the preference cursive writing amongst the people is that it is faster to write in contrast to printing every letter. As the letters in the cursive script are coupled, there is a lesser probability of lifting up your pen. The cursive calligraphy fonts certainly save your time that otherwise, you end up spending in the letter formations. You get the speed along with the beauty! Isn’t it amazing!

  1. Cursive can help you astound your Friends

You just are never aware of getting an opportunity to exhibit your cursive writing abilities, but we can assure you from our experience that the cursive handwriting looks consistently amazing on the thank-you acknowledgments. Handwritten fonts thus give a personal touch to your writings. Just dash off a polished cursive and you certainly are going to get the compliments like, “You possess beautiful handwriting skills!” The elegant handwriting is certainly going to cheer you to pen down more of the letters.

  1. Cursive looks Beautiful

Cursive holds the ability to turn your writing experience tremendously beautiful, full of grace and of course continuous. This is what makes it a striking script. An elegant cursive writing is considered to be a step closer to the skill of calligraphy, and cursive is mandatory whenever you are to put your signatures formally.

Furthermore, there are various apps available these days to make use of various types of fonts. For example, you can bring in use Rhonna Designs, a mobile app that carries elite designs, word art, fonts, frames, glitter, and much more.

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