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5 Tips To Find Work With Twitter

Finding work with Twitter is not a mirage. Let’s start from the premise: the internet has certainly been the most important revolution of the last 30 years. Everything has changed literally, even the way you look for a job. If before all the job advertisements in the newspaper were analyzed now all you need is to take a ride on the web to try your luck these days. The advent of social networks has then the rest even more direct. 

The Job Listing, a dedicated platform is now a fixed point of millions of workers and aspirants as well as good to explore the latest job vacancies. But there is not only the Mountain View social network. For the more experienced, even twitter it can become a good business card to look for a job. Follow these little tips! It takes far sightedness and patience. As in all things of the rest!

1. Care for your account professionally

  • Be clear: set up a professional profile description. Do not use too ‘ridiculous’ photos to put as your identity.
  • On the other hand, if a human resources clerk searches for your name on the main search engines you will surely find your Twitterprofile and tend to peek at it to understand what type of person you are.
  • Returning to your profile description: professional ok, but if you’re creative (which means not too boring) even better.

2. Build a network

  • Beautiful discovery, right! In the meantime it is not immediate. Try to be present, comment and retweet the working topics of your interest.
  • Try to form a limited profile to what interests you. Do not lose yourself in too fundamentalist opinions; you are under everyone’s eye.
  • Start following the companies that interest you, interact with them and follow the updates: maybe tweet about a new job available.
  • Try to follow prominent people in your field. If, for example, you are a social media manager try to tweet on the latest news of your work.
  • If you have situations of personal success, link to articles that can put you in a good light.

3. Be a stalker

Contrary to morality, this is the advice we give you. It’s perhaps the only social network that really allows you to engage in a conversation, a thought with the most famous people, for example as company presidents or others related (sorry for Anglicism). So, follow the boss of that company or the head of human resources of that other company. Try to make it ‘friends’ of social. Maybe interested in their things, trying to understand the points in common and then impress at the right time.

4. Use the #lavoro hash tags

Try taking a look at the main job-related hash tags. Usually there are several interesting offers from companies that are fairly present in the digital world. If you do not find anything interesting do not fall into discomfort, rather continue to try the way of the most used hash tags. In the long run, constant research always pays. Use the Twitter Advanced Search for a better hash tag search.

5. Do not comment inappropriately

  • As anticipated a little while ago, remember that Twitter is global place. Everyone can see everything.
  • Do not let yourselves go to comments contrary to good morals, do not let your negative side shine through.
  • If you want to let go to personal thoughts ‘hard’ and without filters, the best solution could be to create 2 accounts: one personal (maybe under pseudonym and dedicated only to the most expensive) and an ‘official’ for your professional search for work.

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