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6 San Francisco Stops You Shouldn’t Miss

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities that I’ve seen. From the hills to the beautiful architecture, parks, great eats, and beautiful views, there really aren’t many cities that captivate me like San Francisco does. That’s why I’d suggest it as a top option for anyone who is looking for destinations for road trips in RV rentals.

As you start looking up RV rentals in your area, we’ll help you figure out the stops that you should visit in San Francisco. There is plenty to see and do, so you can be sure that you will have a fun-filled vacation.

If you’re looking for a city that has it all, this could be an accurate description of San Francisco. To help you plan the best road trip ever, consider these following San Francisco stops that are worth your time:

  1. Alcatraz is actually worth your time. While the idea of visiting a prison may not be high on everyone’s list of places to see when visiting San Francisco, Alcatraz island is an iconic spot that you may want to consider checking out. With a guided audio tour, you’ll be able to learn a lot about the history of not only the prison but the inmates themselves that lived there. Did you know that people actually escaped from Alcatraz? There is a lot to be learned about one of the nation’s most iconic prisons and souvenirs to take home from this historical site in San Francisco. Pro tip: make sure to book your tickets before you arrive to San Francisco. Alcatraz sells out very quickly, unfortunately.
  2. Yes, Golden Gate Bridge is a must-visit. For those who aren’t big at visiting popular tourist spots, you may be wondering if you should visit Golden Gate Bridge and the answer is that yes, you most definitely should. This bridge is certainly a masterpiece and magnificent to see in person. Plus, the area near Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful, so it’s a great way to spend a morning or afternoon in San Francisco. Some people skip out on walking across the bridge but you shouldn’t. The views are just as spectacular from there as the views of the bridge are.
  3. Try out the local, affordable eats in Mission. Mission District in San Francisco is a very lively and fun place to visit. With beautiful homes, flavor on every corner, and a lot going on at night, it’s a fun neighborhood to visit while in San Francisco. With world-famous burritos and flavors from all over the world, it’s the perfect destination for the traveler who is always looking for great eats. Plus, the restaurants in this area are quite reasonably priced, making it ideal for those who are looking to enjoy more and spend less.
  4. Go running at Golden Gate Park. Whether you enjoy running or cycling, Golden Gate Park is a great place to visit, where you can enjoy beautiful sights and views as you exercise. Lands End Trail is also a must visit place for those who want to enjoy some outdoor fun. With views overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and forest trails to explore, it’s the perfect nature escape for those looking for a break from city life in the city.
  5. Visit Chinatown. Do you want to enjoy an authentic Chinese meal or learn how fortune cookies are made? Head on over to Chinatown, which will really feel like you’ve left San Francisco and have landed in an exotic destination. For people who love Chinese food , this is a must-visit spot for you in San Francisco. My mouth is already watering just thinking about the delicacies found in China town restaurants.
  6. Take a day trip to Marin. Marin is just as great an idea as San Francisco is. A place with plenty of open space, those who want to enjoy more nature than city will appreciate all the beauty of Marin. You can find plenty of places to stay in with views of the ocean or you can go surfing on the great breaks in the ocean. For hikers and bikers, you’ll never run out of options in Marin.

In Conclusion

If you’re on the fence about visiting San Francisco, don’t be. It’s one of those cities that you have to see at once in your lifetime. While some cities that this is said about could be avoided, San Francisco isn’t one of them. Who doesn’t love cool weather, fresh sea breeze, beautiful views, great food, fun people, and plenty to do?

If you’re considering a road trip to San Francisco and are looking up RV rentals, don’t hesitate to do it. It’s a city that offers a lot, in more ways than one. Plus, you are going to want to try the most mouth-watering burrito found in the country and you’re going to have to go to Mission District to do so.

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