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7 Ultra-Thin Watches: Distinctively Smart!

7 Ultra-Thin Watches Distinctively Smart

As we say, “time never stops for anybody”, so is the advancement and technology. Everyday someone somewhere across the globe gets a new idea to bring in a better change to the world. Similar is the case in the world of watches. Watch making has evolved over the decades and the technology used in manufacturing a watch has reached all new heights. These days, ultra-slim watches are the “in thing” especially for people with slim wrists. Compiling so many complications in a small space is not an easy task. Here are some top ultra-thin watches that define class and style.

Piaget Altiplano 900P:

A master when it comes to ultra-thin watches, Piaget Altiplano 900P has set all the new records for the thinness over the past few years. The watch is 3.65 mm thick making it one of the thinnest watches ever. The micro slimness was achieved by merging its hand-wound caliber with the 18K white gold 38 mm case and comes with a power reserve of around 48 hours. This extremely coin-like-thin watch definitely tops the most desirable watch ever list.

Rado True Thinline:

This amazingly beautiful watch for women with all the finesse and elegance is one of the most mesmerizing watches whose beauty can never be explained enough in words. This watch will surely appeal to all the ladies who love black and always go for elegance and class. One of the most eye-catching watches with a 4.9 mm case, this is definitely a big possession a woman would want.

Jaeger Lecoultre Master Ultra-Thin Squelette:

A watch with a mechanical movement place in-between two layers of sapphire crystal, Jaeger Lecoultre master ultra-thin squelette is a pure technical achievement. The watch is quiet unique in its construction, as the caseback is used as main plate for the movement – a solution found to gain space, as well as moving the hands off the center of the watch, in order to prevent some wheels to overlap. This skeletonized version of a watch is in fact one of the thinnest skeleton movement watch in the history of watchmaking.

BvlgariOctoFinissimo Tourbillon:

A tourbillon is a device that encloses the regulating organ in a cage rotating on an axis, on 360 degrees, usually once per minute. Meaning that, because of this construction, it should be thicker than a normal regulating organ. But here comes BvlgariOctoFinissimo Tourbillon, which is just 1.95 mm thick and the case thickness of mere 5 mm. One of the most unforgettable, technologically advanced watches,Tourbillon watch is surely a timepiece worth having!

BreguetClassique Tourbillon Extra-Thin Automatic 5377:

Breguet, a brand known for the tourbillon invention, is a 42-mm-diameter case astoundingly slender 7 mm thick watch with aCalibre 581DR movement that is just 3 mm thick.The movement is also notable for its “high energy” barrel, which provides a 90-hour power reserve; its 4-Hz frequencyand its peripheral winding rotor made of platinum. The dial and case are emphatically Breguet: engine-turned dial, Roman numeral hour markers, open-tipped blue Breguet hands, and fine fluted caseband. A clalssic timepiece for classic men!

The 1986 AudemarsPiguet 25643:

The 1986 AudemarsPiguet 25643 with Ultra-Thin Automatic Tourbillon Caliber 2870 is indeed a hidden gem. One of the first tourbillon watches ever produced, this 4.8 mm thick beauty features a cage made out of titanium and comes with a self-winding mechanism. The most amazing fact is that this watch was produced in 1986, at a time where CAD, CNC machines or LIGA technology were not available. This ultra-thin watch of its time is an unforgettable watch!

VacheronConstantin Patrimony Contemporaine Ultra-Thin Calibre 1731:

Showcased at the “watches and wonders” fair in Hong-Kong, VacheronConstantin Patrimony Contemporaine Ultra-Thin Calibre 1731 is a milestone timepiece in its own way. With a case of approx. 8.09 mm and a minute repeater movement of just 3.9 mm, this slim beauty carries a 65 hour power reserve. The movement incorporates a flying strike governor, innovative devices that controls the speed and spacing of the repeater’s chiming tones and reduce the audible whirring sounds that can accompany the chimes.


With thinness as priority yet carrying features of a full-fledged advance watch, these top ultra-thin watches have a class that is world apart. Watch brands continue to pull out all the stops to achieve new records not only in thinness, but in the level of complication and complexity that they pack into those super-slim movements and cases.

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