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7 Ways To Make Women’s Day 2019 An Extravagant One

It is a day dedicated to the ultimate power of the world on which it is running, women. They form the better part of our lives and give more to society than to take from it. Their selfless bonds are not limited to family only but also extends to the world, wherever and whosoever needs it. They deserve applauds and salutations because every day they are trying to make changes for better, to make this world a better place to live in. If you wish a seat on this remarkable journey and want to make them feel special this 8th March, then here is how you can do your bit.

  1. Join The March

The easiest but effective gesture that you could do. Join a Women’s Day march to lend your affirmative support to the better half of the world. It wouldn’t hurt to carry a plank or a poster showcasing your efforts in a creative manner.

  1. Stand For The Theme BalanceForBetter

This is 2019 Women’s Day theme where a campaign for gender balance in all fields of life is promoted. From the board room to cockpits, female presence is promoted in every walk of life. So, this year just pose for the gender balance and post it on social media.

  1. Cut The Cake For Them

Celebrate womanhood and have a cake cutting ceremony at your workplace, a charity or wherever it deems fit. For the finest treat, order a women’s day cake from FlowerAura and get the celebration started.

4.Promote Bestsellers Written By Women

Read it to your kids or at a school and make those names etched in young minds. They will learn at a faster pace and will be a better generation all ready when the time will come. They will already know to respect and adore women in every way possible.

  1. Do Something Special For A Woman You Love

Just wash the dishes, cook or do the cleaning at home and make the lady of the house a happy woman. Make her realise that you adore her and she is the most important element of your life.

  1. Shop and Treat Yourself

Get yourself all of your favourite things. Treat and pamper yourself at a spa, buy sexy lingerie or whatever that makes you feel happy. You deserve the best of all things and this is the day to get it without any adjustments and boundation.

  1. Open Up About Issues

Job stress, married life tensions, Break up, fight with besties, whatever is bugging you, just let it out. Talk to a someone, write a blog, write it down but in any way, just let it all out. You will be surprised how better you will feel later like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

  1. Make A Commitment

Promise yourself that you will always be progressive in life and will never look back. Promise better health, the better number in a bank account, better love life or wherever you feel there is room for improvement, just go for that arena. Promise yourself to always be a good person who is going to do good for everyone around her.

This Women’s Day make it all worthwhile.

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