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App Design: 8 Killer App Designing Tips You Must Follow

Nowadays, app designing has become one of the most important aspects of deciding the success or failure of a mobile application. Mobile applications have become an essential part of your daily schedule as it allows you to communicate, socialize and use it for entertainment purpose. Hence, every company that is into online sales and marketing is now coming up with mobile apps and launching it in app stores.

If you are looking forward to cloaking in more sales and generate more leads with your apps, then app store optimization is extremely important to enhance the visibility. In today’s article, we shall be discussing the killer app designs that can help you attain visibility and generate more sales this year.

Create Color Hierarchy

We all know that each color emotes a different meaning and is used to meet different purpose even when you are designing an application. The same color may have different variations and may genuinely denote something else as well. For example, the same color with different variation may denote priority. For instance, red might mean high priority, while light red might denote less priority depending on the user work progress in respective apps. This is how you can create a color hierarchy. Color hierarchy is usually useful in to-do list kind of mobile applications. According to the color scheme, you may expect a particular user reaction.

Include Grids and Whitespace

All the mobile applications have grids in them. They are considered to be the guiding factor for the users. It is important to have proper design and space. You must not forget to maintain a consistency in the height and width of the app pages, which should be proportionate throughout the application.

Include a Great Logo Design

Any good digital marketing agency suggests that having a proper logo for a brand is very important as it portrays the brand’s face. A clumsy logo may not entice the customer and he may end up ignoring your application in the play store even though your app interface is really nice and useful. Hence, if you want to build a healthy relationship and gain trust from the customers, it is important to create and design a nice logo, which connects with your company and fetches you more recognition.

Avoid Using Outdated Designs

Ensure that the design matches the latest trends and is not anywhere inspired by outdated designs. App designing should always be inspired by the modern trends, which are designed as per customer’s taste and have simple navigation designs to enhance the accessibility. This aspect goes a long way in increasing the number of positive reviews for your app.

Avoid Adding Page Titles

Adding page titles to the website is considered important, but in mobile application, instead of adding page titles, it can be used for more useful things. It is better to skip page title if it is not necessary.

Define the Essential Elements

It is important to maintain a consistency in terms of screen padding. If one of the margins is having 1.20, then all the other margins should maintain the same consistency. Even the button color should be the same throughout the application. It is important to maintain uniformity among the app pages. Hence, it is deemed to be important for defining the elements while designing a mobile application.

Actions Require Quick Feedback

Nowadays, users are used to fast-loading apps that respond to their commands quickly. Since they have access to high-speed internet, they can’t bear with slow loading speed. Any lag in the application window may lead to uninstallation of the app. It is important to have a feedback section in your app so that the users can report any problem whenever they encounter any.

Delay the Sign-Up Window

When a user lands on your app for the first time, let them explore your app for some time. Once he finds your app easy to use, show him the benefits of subscribing to it. Once he is well versed with the nature and design of your app, he will definitely hit the ‘sign up’ button. This way, you can get more subscribers to your app.

These are some of the most important tips you should keep in mind while designing your app. Also, make sure to follow the guidelines set by Windows, iOS, and Android Play Store before publishing your app on the app store. Each of these will surely help you app do well in the mobile application market.

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