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Are Stools the Future for Office Chairs?

It may be hard to believe, but office chairs are becoming a thing of the past. With more options that are unique from the traditional office chair design now than ever, the seating options in the workplace are changing faster and faster every day.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Office Chairs

An office chair has a number of features that do more harm than good for the body of hourly and salary workers. For starters, arm rests found on many office chairs are terrible for the human body. The posture effects of arm rests vary, but if they are offered in an office chair, employees are more likely to slouch and slump, causing problems down the road. Those problems include neck pain, back pain, spine issues, and even arthritis. To avoid this, many office chairs got rid of arm rests, but that is far from eliminating the problem entirely.

Another key issue in office chairs are back rests. It may seem staggering at first, but when considering the back rests on many office chairs, they often have too much give and do not offer support. This leads to excessive leaning that warps the back and spine, causing problems from the shoulders to the lower back. To avoid this and the many problems associated with office chairs for some who suffer from these issues, Autonomous has designed the ErgoStool. Futuristic and classic all at once, the ErgoStool is the best option available for office workers battling the desk fatigue so many experience.

ErgoStool and Superior Seating in the Workplace

The ErgoStool is a dynamic option many have turned to to battle workplace fatigue and pain. The design of the ErgoStool is meant to naturally mimic the posture found in the body while standing. In short, the body craves mobility, and office chairs do not offer a momentum that the body can use to shift weight and pressure on various parts or limbs. This means more strain on parts of the body that workers overuse, like the back and neck. Rather than provide a back rest in its design, the ErgoStool is backless, making it more natural for the body.

While sitting in the ErgoStool, the body naturally sways to the ebbs and flows of the natural human body’s posture. This allows for posture improvements without even thinking about it. This also increases core strength in ways traditional offices cannot offer. The body, while sitting upright, utilizes core muscles in the abs to keep things up and at focus. Attention is hard to come by when the body is slumped to the side, meaning less work gets done. With the ErgoStool, employees stay focused and ready to tackle the workday.

Lastly, the ErgoStool is light and meant for mobility. If workers are out for the day and need to work at a desk in a coffee shop or cafe, the ErgoStool is easy to transport. This means ergonomic seating goes everywhere a worker does. That makes the ErgoStool a dynamic seating solution for ergonomic office needs that chairs cannot match.

Shop the ErgoStool and Other Autonomous Products

Shopping for the ErgoStool could not be easier. Check this out Autonomous products seem like a better fit, they feature the same ergonomic mindest that went into making the ErgoStool. Any option from Autonomous is better than the outdated options in many offices across the globe. Best of all, the price of the ErgoStool is under $100, making it budget friendly as well as good for the body. Shop Autonomous today for the ErgoStool and a number of other unbelievable products for a great price.

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