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Best and Popular Pizzas Around the World

Popular Pizzas

Pizza is a very delicious dish and it has become very popular across the world. There are many people who love eating pizza and it is a dish mostly loved by children.

These days the making of pizza differs from one place to another depending on the culture and food habit of the people who stay there. In each place the people who prepare pizzas try to mix some local ingredients and try to make a fusion out of it. In fact, in most places and branded pizza chains what people get to eat are mostly fusion recipes of pizzas and those have become very common these days. One can also order some best pizzas at Boston or can even make them at home.

Here are some popular varieties of pizzas that one can try.

California Style Pizza

Here the dough is mostly soft and it also has a mixture of some uncommon ingredients. In this pizza, the ingredients that are used are red peppers, ricotta, pate and mustard. One can use varieties of toppings here like smoked salmons and duck sausages. Also one can go for the common toppings like barbecued chicken.

Chicken Pizza

This one is the general and regular recipe of usual pizza crusts. Here the main ingredients that are used are Italian sausages, chicken cubes, mushrooms, sliced bell peppers and some Fontana cheese. Dress up this pizza and have a sinful bite of it.

Barbecued Chicken Pizzas

One can easily make this pizza out of an old and stored or refrigerated pizza crust. There is a usage of sauces, and once they are out of the grill, they turn out to be smoky and hot pizzas with a very rustic flavour. One can use any kind of meat toppings on it (according to the preference of the one having it) and also some grilled vegetables to make it taste delicious.

Sicilian Pizza

As the name suggests, this special pizza has its origin in the city of Sicily in Italy. This one is a traditional thick crust pizza which mostly comes in a square shape rather than being round. This is a true version of Italian pizza which has toppings like herbs, onions, anchovies and a number of Italian cheeses. When the same is made in America, they give a lot of mozzarella cheese and sauce on top of it. It also varies in other countries.

Chicago style Pizza

This is also popularly named as the deep dish pizza and the recipe that one follows to make this is also a bit complicated. This one is a very unique styled pizza and it also has to have a thick crust. Mostly this one is baked in a round pan which is a cake pan. The toppings that are used are a layer if cheese, a layer of meat or vegetables and then a hefty amount of sauce.

One can make some delicious pizzas at home and when they are doing this they need to take care of the pizza crust. Or else they can order from pizza delivery Boston.

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