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Exploring the World of Assam’s Music Industry

Exploring the World of Assam’s Music Industry

Assam is a land infused with cultural richness and musical talent. Many talented Indian indie artists have come out of this north eastern state. While Assam has been known throughout history for its folk music, the youth today in Assam have used modern beats and instruments to modernize Assamese songs.

Assamese music traditionally revolve around the culture of the state and daily lives of the local population. Most of the songs are centered around farmers, celebrating their selfless spirit. People’s love for music can be seen in the way Bihu is celebrated in the state.

Although there is no exact time to which we can trace the origin of music in Assam, historians predict that the spread of music could have been around 2nd or the 3rd century. Evidences of Assamese music travelling as far as China have also been obtained.

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Even after so much time has elapsed since music first took its roots in Assam, the love for it remains intact till date. This is the reason Assam has been producing talented musicians and artists over the years constantly. If we talk about singers, their voices are one of the most melodious in the country. If we talk about the instrument players, they are one of the best in the entire country too.

Only few youngsters take a formal training in music. Many others, however, owe their success to internet. By uploading their videos on social media platforms, many musicians and bands have tasted overnight success.

One remarkable thing to note is that female artists are marching shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. The state has been credited for producing good quality female musicians too.

Although many youngsters are inspired by the western songs, there are many artists whose sole goal is to preserve the authentic culture and folk songs of Assam. These people are working hard to bring out traditional

Assamese songs to the world as well as instruments such as Baahi.

Music has also been an appropriate medium for people of Assam to vent out their anger against unfair government policies.

It wont be wrong to suggest that music is, afterall, the only unique identity of Assam.

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