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Fashion Rules Awaiting to be Broken

Fashion is all about celebrating your own unique styled and individuality. So, it only seems fair when you do your own thing that makes you look and feel good. However, a lot of fashion magazine or blogs often try to take our individuality away from us by giving us fashion rules to adhere to. Today, we will discuss how you can break these rules and set your own style. 

Rule #1: Mixed prints are way too busy

Make a refreshing and daring style statement by picking a unique dress that combines two prints effortlessly. We suggest a smartly fitted shift dress which has a subtle checkered pattern in a shade of pale yellow as a base print and a beautiful floral print layered artistically on top of the checks. The modest round neckline, short sleeves and functional pockets make it a perfect choice for office wear while the comfortable fit and short length of the dress makes it a staple casual wear when paired with trendy sneakers.

Rule #2: Horizontal stripes make your body look wider

It’s about time we shatter this cliché rule for good. Instead of going for thin, close horizontal lines, go for minimalist colour block dress which has thick horizontal stripes or panels of beautiful colours like soft pink, pale yellow, white and powder blue. Go for a comfortable relaxed fit that which neither sits baggy on you nor does it hug your body uncomfortably. This dress is chic enough for formal wear and you can make it edgy by adding a jacket on top for a cool and casual look.

Rule #4: Don’t wear dressed with pants

You will be simply amazed how ethereal you can look by pairing women’s dresses with pants especially for a fun fusion look. Choose a flowy dress in a bright colour like yellow which goes below your knees. Team it with well fitted pants in either a contrasting shade of blue or subdued beige. Continue the boho vibe of the embroidered dress by accessorizing the look with a stack of bangles and chunky earrings.

Rule #5: Midi dresses aren’t for short girls

Another common fashion folklore that is often propagated is midi length dresses are not meant for petite girls. Break the rule by pick a button down fit and flare dress with a relaxed fit which has its hem sitting a little above your ankles. Try to find a mini dress which has vertical stripes in summery hues like yellow that will draw the eyes up and elongate your frame. A square neckline with thick straps for sleeve, the comfortable and breathable fabric or the dress contributes to make it a summer wardrobe staple. You can pair it with comfortable wedge heels to add more length to your body if you wish.

In this day and age, fashion rules are a thing or past and daring choices are applauded. Today, you can choose to wear whatever makes you feel confident, comfortable and fall in love with the reflection you see in your mirror.

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