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How to be a software engineer?

software engineer

Software engineers mix concepts of mathematics with that of computer science to design, develop and assess application as well as system programs. All such programs help computers perform a specific set of tasks. Also called system analysts, these engineers can work in one of the two capacities mentioned below.

  • Computer application engineers – They analyse users’ requirements for designing, creating and maintaining computer application packages.
  • Computer system engineers – These technologists build and maintain a full-fledged computer system. Such systems can often be found in large companies such as internet service providers, payroll organisations, etc.

Software engineering was listed by a leading magazine as the number one career to choose. Many engineering institute in Dehradun offer dedicated courses in software technology. Further, the top 10 universities in Uttarakhand (some of them are in UGC list of private universities) have prioritised software technology as a prime career.

Despite the news about offshoring of software engineering jobs, the career is in great demand. Let us see various steps that need to be followed for making this technological field as a career.

What all to do when you are in high school? 

  • Love for programming should never snuff out

If you are still in high school and have not discovered the wonders of coding, then kindly explore. For programming, you should have knowledge of mathematics and analytics. You should know at least one of these basic programming languages:-

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Do a lot of maths

Get to love maths and keep practicing algebra, calculus, geometry, graphing and trigonometry as well.  Try to get an insight of college-level mathematics while still in high school. You will have to do a ton of mathematics to make it big in computer science or software technology.

How to set about college curriculum? 

  • Plan to get a degree

Most people get fascinated to become system analysts because many billionaire CEOs are software wizards. For becoming a software technologist, one has to have a degree in any of the following:-

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Application
  • Software Engineering

It is always better to go for a regular degree rather than a distance learning one.

  • Know your expertise

If you are enamoured by games and wish to be a game programmer, then work accordingly. It is advisable to have a degree in Computer Science for being a game programmer. If you wish to get a job in biggies such as IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc., then a degree in Software Engineering will serves the purpose. If, however, you wish to manage business applications, then a degree in Management Information System will be beneficial.

  • Extracurricular activities are a must

Only studying course books will not help. You have to do extra research. Try to find out which all technologies are popular at the moment. Software technology is mercurial; hence, it is necessary to keep a finger on pulse of this technology.

Always remember, proper research along with an autodidactic approach helps considerably in software engineering.

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