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How To Buy Vintage Graphic Tees?

For the fashion conscious segment, flaunting style and looking cool is the most important thing to do. If you want to make your outfit look stylish and cooler instantly then vintage graphic tees make for the best option to consider. Vintage tees are omnipresent. You can find them everywhere. From celebrities to fashion bloggers and street style, these t shirts are omnipresent. Graphic tees have always been a cool and trendy clothing among people across all walks of life. However, there are many people who find it difficult and tricky to shop for such tees. Whether you have been wearing vintage graphic tees for a long time or a newbie, you can shop for them in different ways.

Where to shop for vintage graphic t shirts

Thrift Stores

Though vintage dealers visit thrift stores regularly and the moment the inventory hits the floor, they still remain the best bet for finding graphic tees at reasonable price. All you have to do is identify the shops near you on the basis of the inventory available with them.  Make sure you spend a lot of time exploring the entire store, department, every single aisle.

Vintage Shops

In recent years, the number of vintage stores offering vintage graphic tees. You can easily find a great variety at great prices. These tees are just the best pick for those who want to up their style quotient and look at their best. Whether you want to vintage graphic t shirt for a man, woman or kid, you can be assured to find the best.


You know that the virtual of the internet is home to some of the best online stores offering a range of graphic tees. You can easily compare different vintage graphic t shirts and choose the ones you find the best for you. The decision to go for online shopping lets you buy the best of the pieces. Just make sure you ask for measurements and pictures of the graphic tees so as to get a good idea of the fit, colour and quality.

Flea markets

Well, it goes without saying that flea markets are extremely popular among people. These markets are just the perfect place to choose from a range of vintage graphic t shirts. You might come across certain pieces that simply look amazing. You can find authentic vintage t shirts printed with great graphics.

Now that you know from where you can shop for vintage graphic tees, the next question that you might have is how to buy them? Buying vintage graphic t shirts is not as difficult as you might think provided you know the right tips.

College Tees

If you have no fancy for band or concert tees then there is huge range of college tees. Some of the most sought after ones are Ivy League tees such as Dartmouth or Harvard. They are not only cheaper than band or concert t shirts but they are also super soft.


Well, that’s the key to buy a good vintage tee. If you are purchasing a concert or band tee, make sure that it actually existed. All you have to do is a quick Google search on your computer or mobile phones.

Concert or band t shirts

Authentic concert or band tees related to a specific year and tie to a particular tour or concert. You should know that the most authentic vintage graphic t shirts come with a label stating that.


Unless the tee you buy fits well, it is not worth an investment. Shop by measured size, and not according to the labeled size. This becomes all the more crucial when you shop for vintage tees. Modern and vintage sizing vary a lot, so try on a t shirt to ensure it fits well.

Wear and tear

When it comes to the vintage tees, the little wear and tear adds to their character and feel. However, make sure that you do not end up spending a good amount of money on a piece that has many holes. Remember that those holes will only turn worse after a few washes.

Have fun

There is no dearth of options of vintage graphic t shirts. Push your limits, and instead of focusing on college, band or concert tees, do invest in other graphic tees such as the ones with Disneyland theme, graphics and logos. They are easy to find and light on pocket.

So, if you are all set to up your wardrobe with vintage graphic tees then do consider these tips before buying them.

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