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How to Treat Ovarian Cancer: Here are Expert Opinions

Ovaries are a source of estrogen and progesterone, the female hormones.  There are two ovaries, one on each side of the uterus.  There are three kinds of cells in the ovaries – Epithelial cell, which is the outer most surface; Germ Cell, that produce the eggs (ova) and the Stromal Cells, which hold both the ovaries together and produce the female hormones.

Ovarian cancer may not necessarily generate in the ovaries.  It may also begin in the cells at the end of the fallopian tube. The epithelial ovarian cancer begins on the exterior-most surface of the ovaries.  The ovarian cancer is defined into grades.

A grade 1 epithelial ovarian cancer are like normal tissue hand have better prospects of treatment whereas a grade 3 epithelial ovarian cancer also look like normal tissue but are difficult.

It is important to watch out for the symptoms and signs of Ovarian Cancer. Some of the most common early stage symptoms are bloating, abdominal pain and loss of appetite, fatigue and unusual urinary symptoms, change in periods cycle or heavier and irregular bleeding.

A persistent occurrence of these symptoms should not be ignored and a doctor should be consulted.

Ovarian cancer treatment is better treated by surgery and chemotherapy. These days, there are many ovarian cancer treatment hospitals, make sure you make the right choice and choose the best ovarian cancer treatment hospital. Also, ensure the medical treatment record of the ovarian cancer doctor in India is incredible.

To diagnose ovarian cancer a biopsy is done to ensure if a woman has ovarian cancer.  After conducting a scan it is determined if the surgery or chemotherapy is to be done first depending on the extent of the disease. Once the patient is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the expert panel of oncologist doctors will discuss the treatment options with the patient and educate them about the possible side effects and risks involved.

Different types of therapies used to treat ovarian cancer are:

Surgery for Ovarian Cancer

Surgery is the most common treatment for ovarian cancer. For women with ovarian cancer in the earliest stage, there is a possibility of treating the disease without removing the ovaries and the uterus.

Radiation Therapy for Ovarian Cancer

Radiation therapy uses high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells but it is rarely used in India as aggressive chemotherapy is more effective for treating ovarian cancer and small cell lung cancer.

Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

Chemotherapy is a systematic treatment with the use of drugs to cure ovarian cancer. Drugs are given orally to enter the bloodstream and reach almost all areas of the body. Chemotherapy can be effective to kill small amounts of cancer cells after surgery or to shrink large tumours to make surgery easier.

Hormone Therapy for Ovarian Cancer

Hormone therapy is the systemic therapy rarely used to treat epithelial ovarian cancer but is more often used to treat ovarian stromal tumours. Hormone-blocking drugs are used to fight ovarian cancer.

Targeted Therapy for Ovarian Cancer

Targeted therapy uses drugs to identify and attack cancerous cells while doing little damage to the normal cells. Each type of targeted therapy works differently, and they all change the way a cancer cell grows, repairs or divides itself or interacts with other cells.

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