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Hygiene And Grooming Routines For Men: The Art Of Manliness

The daily hygiene is a necessity that every man should follow. It is a basic thing that doesn’t need to be reminded. Over time, personal hygiene has been followed up with grooming which can make a man perfectly presentable in the society. Of course, you won’t just take bath, dress up and go out without even combing your hair. It will look odd even if you appear neat and clean. So, grooming should also go hand-in-hand with personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is something that we have been learning since our school days. However, grooming is something that would require extra time and attention. But you can always make the procedure short by sparing some time for yourself daily. You can check out the mens grooming kit available in the market that will help you achieve exactly that.

Here is what you actually need to follow for a hygiene and well-groomed presentation.

The hair

Did you know that a proper hair care routine starts with a trimming? Yes, it actually does. Trimming helps to cut down the split ends which is actually the main reason why our hair looks dry and frizzy. It also helps prevent hair damage in many ways.

Further, regular oiling also has many benefits. It promotes hair growth and makes the root stronger, so there are less chances of hair fall. It also keeps the scalp moisturized which can grow thick and healthy hair strands.

Shampooing your hair is another process. However, you need to make sure that you use a suitable shampoo which is not too harsh or full of chemicals. Nowadays, there is charcoal shampoo available in the market which is a very good option to go for. You can also follow up with hair creams and other styling gel that can hold the glamour of your hair throughout a day.

The face

Face is indeed the first part that people notice. So, make sure your appearance is not affected in any way. If you have a beard, then you should learn to take proper care of it to avoid untidy look. If you like to stay shaved, make sure your skin doesn’t appear dry and filthy.

To take care of your beard, all you will need is a beard oil applied after shower every day and a specially formulated beard wash to end the day with. You can go for the beard combo that comes with all the essential products for beard grooming. To have a better clean shaved appearance, you should always be very selective about your shaving kit.

Furthermore, you can always use a face wash, scrub, cleanser, moisturiser, etc that can keep your skin glowing.

The body

You should be aware of the standard soap as these contains alkaline pH. Since, the human body already contains low acidic pH, the outer layer of skin can easily be damaged by soap. To avoid this, you can go for the activated charcoal bar which is formulated with the skin-friendly ingredients and also has antibacterial properties which will keep you hygiene all through the day. Body wash is also highly recommended over normal soaps.

However, bathing is not all you need to take care of your body. A new study has found that after a shower, your skin almost loses all the moisture. Hence, a mild moisturiser for hands and feet can be applied before you step out. It will help retain the moisture of your skin which will prevent dryness and dullness.

Following these simple rules, you can stay hygiene, well-groomed, and confident as it will create a positive impression wherever you go.

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