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Digital services, online marketing, online advertisements, electronic commerce are among the many services that have been made possible by the invention of the web. The internet runs on websites which is a connection and collection of webpages that have common properties. Websites have webpages as their building blocks. Webpages exist in different parts which offer more information about the working or the functions of the websites. The following are the key features in a webpage.

Images, videos or even clip arts.

This is the visual part of any website. It includes pictures or images that show a visual representation of what the website is all about. They at sometimes be used for providing information in addition to the content in the websites.

The content that appears on a website is the relevant information but most websites do not exist as stand-alone pages and have to be connected with other pages to provide full information or services. This is provided in form of hyperlinks or hypertexts which open other web pages when clicked. Among the common hypertexts include; Homepage, about us, contacts email and many others.

This is content on a webpage that does not explain the services or the working of a webpage. They provide additional details on the webpage. They may include the date of the publication of the webpage, information about the copyright, privacy information among others.


These are texts explaining the different parts of a webpage. They explain the parts of the content and maybe from the biggest header to the smallest but in almost all cases bigger than the normal text.

Body Content

This is the most important information on a webpage. It explains in details all services provided by the webpage, the working of the webpage, how to navigate to other pages among other important information.

There exist several types of websites.

  • Dynamic Websites

This kind of websites has their services and appearance changing randomly and automatically. These websites are designed in a way that the appearance depends on what a customer orthe client is doing on the website. They also are developed in a way that can display information in a personalized way that the user specifies or wants.

  • Static Websites.

These are websites that have their webpages stored in a server and run on a server-based approach where services are delivered to a customer or client browser. They are developed using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the appearance designed using the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). They are developed in such a way that services and appearance is not biased and is the same to all customers.

Websites exist in many variations but there are standards to ensure a website does not pose any threats to its users. There also are some features of a good website. They include; provision of quality and relevant content, websites should be user-friendly and should be made to run in a variety of browsers, the simplicity and professionalism and the speed of a  website among others.

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