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Let Flawless Skin Be Your New Year Resolution – Top 10 Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

A brand New Year is about to usher in. Why not take a brand-new resolution of freshening up your skin? Yes, you can get it done by following a perfect skincare routine each and every day. If you love makeup then skin care is the only option for a radiant and dazzling look.

Ten Commandments of Skin Care

Stick to a daily regimen when it comes to taking care for your skin, else it can look drab and dull. Welcome, New Year with the ultimate resolution of getting into the habit of good skin care. Hope you never break the resolution – will you?

Cleansing – Skin care starts when you clean your face and neck with a face wash. For rest of the skin clean it up with a nourishing body wash. This helps to remove dirt and oil that accumulates on the superficial layers of the skin.

Scrubbing – Exfoliating or scrubbing will keep skin pores free from dirt and bacteria. Buy organic beauty products for scrubbing because they are not harsh on the skin.

Toning  Skin toning is essential to maintain the pH balance of the skin. It also helps in better and deeper penetration of moisturizers and serums.

Moisturizing – Keeping skin hydrated is crucial for the skin. Maintaining the moisture balance of the skin is what moisturizers aim to do. Especially, during winter moisturizing is a must because natural oil secretion gets reduced, making skin dry.   

Sun Screening – Harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays of the Sun can take a toll. Not just tan and blemishes, you might even get skin cancer. The best protection is using sunscreen lotions and moisturizers before stepping out of the house. Take note of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) on the labels while buying skin care products.

Rejuvenating – After daily work stress and exposure to pollution, skin needs to relax and breathe freely. You should rejuvenate, revive and protect skin through night creams and moisturizers.

Foot Care – Foot bears the most stress, so keep it pampered with organic foot care beauty products. Daily care of feet keeps it smooth and free of ugly heel cracks.  

Eye Care – Skin around eyes tend to become dull and develop dark circles. You can keep them smooth and flaw-free with organic eye care cosmetic products.

Lip Care – You can keep lips beautiful with regular use of lips balms. Make sure you use the best makeup products for lips.

Treatments – Men and women over 30 should go an inch further and resort to skin care beauty treatments to fight anti-aging, dark spots and blemishes.

Since skin requires intensive care buy organic beauty products to keep acne, pimple, rashes, and itches at bay. You can get a wide range of natural beauty products for men and women on the online skin care products portals.

Healthy Skin Care & Flawless Makeup

Good skin care is simple and you do not require much time. It just needs an investment of half an hour from your active lifestyle to do some pampering for your skin. Yeah, you also need to invest few bucks to buy essential skin care products.

Best makeup products or cosmetics will work best only when the skin is soft, supple and nourished. You need to have the perfect base to create the picture-perfect look.

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