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Preparation Strategy to Crack NMAT

NMAT is a crucial entrance exam after CAT for all the management students. The NMAT by GMAC is a computer-based examination conducted in the online mode. It marks obtained in the examination is used for availing admission in top MBA colleges including NMIMS Mumbai, XIM in Bhubaneswar and other top B-schools and universities. Over 23 leading institutes accept the scores for MBA level programs. And thus it is important to make a proper strategic plan to crack NMAT.

Strategy for Cracking NMAT

Scoring a perfect 99 in the exam is quite a task. It requires a lot of perseverance and immense hard work. Herein we offer you top preparation strategy for cracking the exam. Check out below for the strategies that will make examination a smooth sail.

Know About the Examination

In comparison to other tests, NMAT by GMAC is quite balanced. The quality of the questions is quite easy to crack. Although the test doesn’t comprise any negative marking, the difficulty in NMAT is its sections that are timed and the ratio of a minute allocated per question on an average. Hence, the candidate needs to be extremely swift in reading the question, understanding and also answering it all in a time limit of one minute.

Whether you wish to attempt the question or move to the next one, you need to decide it within 30 seconds. Thus, the candidate needs to have immense knowledge and expertise of the subject to crack the exam swiftly.

Language Skills

One of the most critical aspects of this section is reading the passages in speed. Solving 22 questions in 32 minutes and two comprehensions of 500 words each with four questions is a whole lot of time. Thus, the best strategy is strengthening your vocabulary and grammar is the best way to manage time and solve them quickly. Keep practising on your vocabulary and as many question papers as possible to gain a high over others.

Quantitative Skills

This section comprises of linear equations and arithmetic which are of relevant topics. Thus being abreast with the formulae and solving as many questions as possible is the best way to crack the test. Though the section is moderately severe, a constant practice can ease the entire article.

Logical Reasoning

This session comprises a lot of arrangements, outputs, and inputs which can be quite nerve-wracking to solve within minutes. However, if you are right in decoding, coding and drawing inferences, it will aid in boosting your scores.

Do Not Believe in Rumours

Since the exam is conducted in computer-based mode, many leaked questions are floating around. While some of them may turn out to be asked in the paper, many are often a fallacy. Thus, it is best to never believe in rumours and stay away from falling prey to leaked questions.

Keep Calm and Prepare for the Exam

As much it is necessary to crack the exam, it is equally important to keep yourself healthy to imbibe what you have learned. And hence, it’s essential to take a break in between and strike the right balance between preparations. Because a calm mind makes it easier to crack the exam and sail the NMAT by GMAC with ease.

Apart from the above strategies, candidates need to be very dedicated to their preparations. It will be a candidate’s hard work which will pay them off.

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