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Single Trip V/S Multi-Trip Domestic Travel Insurance: What’s Ideal For You?

Travel insurance plans help you in chalking out and flying across all the continents with comfort and ease. It also secures you financially if your flight gets cancelled, in case of any baggage, or luggage going missing during the journey or medical aid and treatment. But, whether one must opt for Single Trip or Multi-Trip Domestic Travel Policy, is a decision that baffles many. Here is what each travel insurance entails:

Single Trip:

If one is planning to go on a trip occasionally or once a year, then single trip domestic travel insurance or domestic travel plan is best-suited for such individuals. The various options for seasonal or regular travellers and travel enthusiasts are increasing day by day. However, unfortunate incidents like delay or cancellation of flights due to sudden changes in weathers, abrupt medical emergencies, and theft of one’s documents and baggage, or a plane hijack can destroy and disrupt your whole journey and travelling plans. Thus, for seasonal or occasional travellers, a single trip domestic travel insurance, insures you against all such sudden unfortunate events life can present you with. Insurances are a way to ensure you’re not helpless in a foreign land.

Single-trip insurances usually provide you coverage for a period of 180 days. The coverage usually starts on the day you depart and the period of 3 months. This is a beneficial option, as it can be extended with ease and claimed quickly, considering need. This insurance covers you against medical as well as other economic damages that might befall you. Single-trip travel insurance plans are essentially cost-effective as they work only for a certain journey. So, in that way you don’t need to pay more than necessary for those days during which you don’t take off on a journey. However, travelling for more than just once a year, this particular insurance plan can be quite expensive and also, you can’t change or extend the days or number of it. They are best for going on an annual vacation with friends and family.


This type of travel insurance is best-suited for trips made annually as domestic travel cover and plans your expenses since you leave till you return back. This is typically crafted for individuals, who are always on the go, whether for pleasant trips or business trips. Instead of investing in single trip insurances, frequent travellers should invest in multi-trip travel insurance within India. This insurance plan offers protection and security to travellers against any unexpected costs incurred like flight cancellations, lost baggage, flight delays, and so on, for a period of 365 days. Though it has no fixed tenure, it underlines one cannot stay at a location for more than 180 days.

Multi-trip insurances require one to pre-inform his medical conditions to get benefits for medical coverage for emergencies. At times, there’s also an age limitation, for beneficiaries of this plan.

But, before you buy insurance policy for domestic travel, in India, you need to scout your options well and chose an insurance coverage on the basis of your requirements and the frequency of your travels. Being protected and keeping one’s possessions protected, when travelling to a different shore, is an essential need, individuals only understand after falling into such circumstances. Act smart and plan ahead.

It is imperative to keep yourself and your possessions secure, if you’re traveling. Now, the market offers you a plethora of travel insurances to choose from. If you’re a frequent traveler, you should opt for a long-term, multi-trip domestic travel policy, or else a single trip one befits you.

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