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Surf Unlimited Platforms And Download High-Resolution Videos Only On Vidmate

Vidmate video downloader app is the popularly fame application you can have an easy video download through this app. When comes to download video Vidmate Apk download will leave the choice selection to the users. Thus you can have your likely videos without any hassle. Both the app and the content you download don’t take more space in your device. Since this app is designed for the Android device. Presently it is available for the Androids alone from downloading time to speed this app makes you wonder frequently.

Download Vidmate app now:

Y’all come through numerous sites and apps with the base of downloading videos. Let come to a discussion. Here the magnificent facilities offered by Vidmate are clearly made have a look at it:

No interrupting downloads:

  • You probably seem to face numerous issues while downloading videos normally. Meanwhile, Vidmate leaves you stress-free download. For example consider when you download video on other sites you will be landed to some other page, ad disturbance and many more. Whereas Vidmate takes short to complete any download which will perfectly opt your internal storage.

Unlimited access:

  • Even though this app holds 20+ platform to download latest, popular videos you can download videos from some other sites. Downloads can be done in a queue beside which will run in the background so you don’t get any distraction.

Downloading quality:

  • Not all phones have the same space that’s why Vidmate listed with various resolutions. You can download your video in any format such as 3GP, MP4, PLV and more. Not only movies and songs even TV series get the same term.

MP3 converter:

  • Don’t know how many video downloader app has this feature. But this must be wanted feature is available in the Vidmate app. Thus you can download any content easily on your device.

Why 9Apps?

Are you aware of 9Apps? This app store is the best competitive app store for the Google Play store which has lofty of apps not even present in the Play store. Most importantly this application is ultimately free. 9Apps store is implemented by Alibaba Group and fame in various countries including India, Singapore and many more. Although it’s a third party app currently 30,000+ users for this app store. Since its flexibility and powerful downloading let the users go crazy.

How to download 9Apps?

As mentioned this is a third party app so which isn’t available on the Google Play Store. So follow the below steps

  • Visit the official 9Apps store
  • In case you face any difficulties while downloading better look for some other sites
  • When you start the download also sometimes status won’t visible on the screen
  • So check out through downloads in the browser


There are a great many difference in 9apps install download although you download this package on your device. It won’t allow installing for that Settings> Security> Turn on Unknown Resources. Thereby you can install this application to have your likely apps without any struggle.

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