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Things an Expat Businessman Must Know about Investor Visa in the UAE

Things an Expat Businessman Must Know about Investor Visa in the UAE

Businessmen and investors from all around the world come to the UAE with an aim to make profits on tax-advantageous economy and investment friendly policies. UAE has always been welcoming, which has led to a population of 7.8 million expats out of the 9.2 million country’s population as per a report. That means, the country consists of over 85% of expats.

Considering the huge foreign association and diverse populace, the UAE government maintains a proper track-record. A through documentation policy is compiled for expat businessmen in the UAE willing to apply for an investor visa or a UAE residency.

Hence it is best to be informed and take a note of the things that are needed to be considered about an investor visa and UAE residency for an expat businessman.

  1. A UAE residency visa is a sticker on your passport that mentions your personal details along with your designation, your residency number and the expiry date of the visa.
  2. Stamping your visa on the passport involves documentation and medical checkup. This is the most important and crucial process to acquire a stay in the country. Firms offering PRO services in UAE can get your visa under immediate procedures.
  3. Businessmen in the UAE are bound to follow a set of procedure to acquire UAE investor visa and UAE residency. As per the directives given by the UAE government, the businessmen applying for investor visa as well as appointing employees need to process respective documents.
  4. Company owners and businessmen applying for investor visa or applying for employee visa are responsible to bear the cost of the paperwork, however, there are business setup companies in Dubai that offer your free PRO services in UAE as well as help you through the crucial process if you start a company under their sponsorship.
  5. The labour contract is a legal requisite between the employer and the employee stating the contract procedures of the employment and that they are abided by the law.
  6. A labour contract can be a limited contract or an unlimited contract, depending on which the rules of the employment will be described. Labour contract is drafted in both English and Arabic. Since July 2014, the Labour has been made an online document to make it easier, even then it can get complicated at time. PRO services in UAE include the process of drafting and processing a Labour Contract, talk to a public relationship officer to know more. The Emirates ID contains your date of birth, your passport number, a passport photo, your residency number and a magnetic chip. Employers and employers need to hold emirates ID as it works as a major identification card as well as for legal requirement.
  7. Medical insurance is also compulsory. UAE gives a lot of importance to health-related concerns and make sure the wellness of the expats as well as the UAE nationals. Before the visa is approved a medical test states that the employees are not bound to any contagious diseases. After which a medical insurance must be bought by the company for the employer himself and all the dependents under his company.

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