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Top 5 Care and Cleaning Tips for Diamond Bangles

Diamond Bangles

Diamond bangles are exquisite and a work of art. They are generally gifted to someone who is more precious than the diamond itself. As diamonds are an expensive possession, they require extensive care. If you want your diamond bangles to sparkle for the rest of your life, you cannot treat them like a mere stone. It is very important to maintain them properly. After all, it takes a lot of effort to carve diamonds into a piece of outstanding artistry.

Without frequent cleaning, your diamond bangles might lose their charm soon. Oil, soap, lotion, and dirt can settle on the bangle making it lose its lustre. As going to a jeweller each time or buying a jewellery cleaning kit is not an ideal solution, you need to look for ways to keep the jewel’s charm through regular care routines. Wondering how to take care of your diamond bangles on a regular basis? Here are some care and cleaning tips for diamond bangles, which will keep them gleaming for a long time:

  • Do not Wear Them While Doing Your Daily Chores

Don’t forget to take off your diamond bangles before taking bath. The chemicals present in the soap can discolour the precious stone embedded in your bangles. Also, avoid entering the swimming pool with your diamond bangles on as the chlorine present in the swimming pool can damage your bangles.

  • Be Gentle While Cleaning

Cleaning diamonds is very easy. All you need to do is take a brush and dust off all the dirt from the bangles. However, make sure that you use a soft bristled brush while cleaning them. Be as gentle as possible. Don’t scrub the bangles vigorously. Pat them dry with a soft cloth once you are done.

  • Keep Them Away from Other Jewellery to Avoid Scratching

One of the biggest mistakes people make while storing their jewellery is cluttering all the jewellery in one case. Diamonds may cause scratches on other diamonds as they are known for their hardness. However, there is a workaround for this issue. Wrap the jewellery using a tissue or a soft cloth and store them in separate compartments of a jewellery box.

  • Check for Loose Stones and Consult a Jeweller if Needed

Over time, sludge and oil get deposited on the bangles, which cause prangs to loosen up. If left unnoticed, you might end up losing precious stones from your exquisite bangles. Check for loose stones regularly and consult a jeweller if you spot any signs of the prangs being loosened up.

  • Use Ultrasonic Cleaners with Caution

Always check for the diamond’s grading report to know if you can use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the diamond bangles. Though these cleaners aid in cleaning the diamond bangles thoroughly, the vibrating liquid they produce may loosen up the precious stones from their clasps.

Diamonds are made to last forever provided that you take care of them with immense caution. Diamond bangles enhance the beauty of a woman. They are meant to be for eternity. Don’t let your ignorance take away their gleaming charm. Keep these tips in mind while cleaning your prized possession.

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