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TV Buying Guide – What to Look for When Buying a TV in 2019

LG Smart TV

Television is one of the major electronic items that has found its way into the home and heart of Indian households like never before. Even after most of the content made available on YouTube and other websites, people prefer watching TV.

Hence, there is a massive demand for quality TVs in India, and established and new players in the TV industry are ensuring the launches of the best TVs in India.

As a result, you can see LCD, LED, OLED, 4Ks and many more types of TVs making their presence felt. However, most of the buyers don’t know what to consider while buying a TV and make the mistake of buying the wrong one.

Thus, it may become quite difficult for a potential customer looking to purchase a LED TV go for the best ones.

We are back again with a post that will help you know all the crucial aspects that you will consider while buying the best-LED TVs in 2019 and more. Read on!

Look for these factors while buying your TVs

  • TV display

The TV display majorly comprises of HDR, contrast refresh rate, and resolution. If a TV has HDR, it means that it can offer more colors and fine picture quality. HDR is good if you are willing to watch the content in HD quality. Also, a TV with a higher contrast will have a better display. OLED Lloyd televisions may work wonders in this regard. A refresh rate of at least 60Hz is required if you don’t want the screen to appear blurred. The sharper is the resolution; the better will be the picture quality of your TV. You get HD Ready, Full HD, and 4K or Ultra HD screens on the basis of resolution. UHD TVs are best in resolution with 8 million pixels but may cost more. Hence, even going for a Full HD TV is good.

  • TV connectivity

Selecting a TV such as the LG Smart TV with more connectivity option means having more options to enjoy multiple contents than via set-top boxes. Hence, look if your LED television has USB ports, HDMI ports, and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • The screen size of a TV

You should also measure the distance between the place where you intend to install the LED TV (wall) and where you wish to sit to watch it. As per your choice, the right screen size parameters are:

  • 5-6 feet distance – Ideal screen size should be 32 inches
  • 6-9 feet for 40-45 inches TVs
  • 9-10 feet for 50 inch’s TV
  • 10-12 feet for 60-65 inches

Going for the right screen size helps you enjoy an immersive experience as you get at a cinema hall.

  • The sound quality

Even if you could get the good display quality but may not get a good sound system in the budget to medium kind of LED TVs. Hence, it would be better to get a sound bar, a 5.1 channel system installed to enjoy a richer sound. Even investing in a 2.1 channel speaker will be handy.

  • Smart TVs

Are you going to buy a smart TV like LG Smart TV? You should check if it offers you the following features or not:

  • Let you connect to the internet with wired or wireless media
  • Play games and watch content on YouTube and Netflix shows
  • Use social media on the screen
  • Offer video calling feature
  • Let you conduct a video meeting on a large screen
  • Go for a TV with a higher RAM for the better processing speed    
  • Opt for Android OS to enjoy everything without compatibility issues

Get home your LED TV at No Cost EMI

Some of the key aspects before buying a TV in 2019 are enlisted. If you wish ready to buy but facing some budget constraints, here is a smart buying option for you.  

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