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Versatile Face Masks That Care for Your Skin

Versatile Face Masks That Care for Your Skin

If you didn’t know already, caring for your face is very important. Your face makes you look the way you are and if you think that people should love you for your personality and not for your face, you are kind of mistaken. Even though that should be the case, it’s not because your face is the first thing a stranger sees. This makes it even more important to care of it. Your skin needs pampering the same way you need the weekend off after 5 days of hard work. Given below are few face masks that can rejuvenate your skin, remove acne and will help it glow.

  1. Coconut oil and baking soda face mask: Baking soda is such a simple ingredient but it actually a very versatile cleansing agent. It can clean your dishes, floor, counters, leather bags, your teeth and even your face. Baking soda is a natural exfoliate that is effective for people who have sensitive skin and nothing seems to work on them. Baking soda maintains the pH levels of the skin which make it very important in fighting acne. It sometimes happens that baking soda might irritate your skin. That is normal, but if your skin starts irritating a little too much, then wipe it off immediately.
  2. Honey and Kefir Face Mask: If you’ve never heard of Kefir before, it’s yoghurt like substance, you can even call it a type of yoghurt. What makes it different from ordinary yoghurt is that it contains 40 times the beneficial bacteria that are found in regular yoghurt. Kefir is one of the top natural face products out there and its properties are incorporated in many creams.The beneficial bacteria along with the lactic acid in kefir hydrates, exfoliates and most importantly soothes the skin which is littered with acne. The anti-bacterial, antifungal and antibacterial viral properties of honey make it better and give it an extra healing edge. Incorporating this mask in your daily routine will make your face glow. All you need to do is mix the two ingredients together and apply it on your face. Once it dries, scrub off the mask and wash it with water.
  3. Tomato juice and Aloe Vera facemask: If you want to fight breakouts, reduce acne, scarring and tone your skin, all at the same time then you must try the tomato juice and aloe vera face mask. This mask is very simple to make and is very effective in keeping acne at bay. Apart from that, it will lend a soft glow to your skin and will make look healthy. Make sure you wash your face with cold water after you have cleaned your skin. This will tighten the pores and will close them.
  4. Papaya and egg white face mask: If you didn’t know this already then you’ve been living under a rock! Papaya is one of the most beneficial fruits out there and is full of contaminants and minerals that help the skin thoroughly. The vitamins include vitamin C and A, papain, beta hydroxy acid and potassium which are a part of natural face care products. When this mixture is mixed with honey and egg whites, it works like a magic wand to tighten pores, soften the skin, remove acne scars and acne itself.

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