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What are the Different Types of Visitor Management Software?

ETIS is a software company that makes different kinds of software. This company is one of the best companies of software in India. Different kinds of software that we are using are made in this company. It has made one visitor management software which has made the life of people easier by making the check-in and checks outs efficiently.

What do you understand by this visitor tracking software?

Visitor tracking app is the app which helps out in tracking the movements of visitors and employees entering the building. This visitor tracking software or visitor management software has made the life of people easier by providing them so many facilities. The tasks that are performed by these tracking apps are as follows:

  1. It helps in maintaining electronic logs with the visitors.
  2. It captures the photographs of all the visitors or people entering the sites.
  3. These visitor management apps have printing capability; they print all the ID batches.
  4. It also helps in capturing signatures for all the NDA’s and other legal documents also.
  5. This helps in tracking of visitors and deliver acceptance.
  6. These apps provide all the information to the host bodies.

What are the different types of visitor management software?

There are so many different types of visitor pass management system all of them are mentioned below:

  1. Envoy: This is a visitor management or registration software that enables iPad-based guest sign in capability. This software is used on an iPad and hence is known as iPad based visitor management system. The tasks that are performed by these visitor management systems are badge printing, host notifications, and some legal agreements.\

  1. Proxy click: This is one of the topmost visitor management systems. This visitor management system is given five out five stars for its usage. This visitor management software is cloud-based software with so many features. It helps in managing site visitors, from the invitation to till them check out. This is the most commonly used visitor management software.

  1. Swiped on (visitor management system): This software has helped thousands; of sites, companies, vendors and so many other people. This is also software which is given five out of five stars for its usage. This software is known for its features. These apps have made the life of people easier by making the check in and check out paperless.


  1. iLobby: It is tablet-based visitor management software. It is known as tablet-based software because of its usage on a tablet. It features all the tasks such as maintaining the proper records of visitors and employers. It takes all the information with the photograph as well of the people visiting their site.

These are the different kinds of software that have made the life of people easy and simple. This visitor management software does the work of the receptionist and is the best software that can be used for any kind of work or purpose to maintain proper records regarding the check in and check outs of visitors.

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